Very Famous Magazine  in the passenger seat
It is three in the afternoon. And you can go anywhere. You can stay overnight. You can post yourself online. You can fall asleep with the television on. But there is no escaping your pulse. And your beaming, hideous night light of a soul.

Very Famous Magazine  21 things I did in 2021Jumped into the stream of an opened fire hydrant at the end of the summer as my friend and I searched for an ice cream shop as Brooklyn dared all around us in sweeps of happy, happy green.

Very Famous Magazine 2022 Trend Report Might we be so lucky to move away from the maximalist, bombastic views of Instagram, that royal palace in which Queens carry their own crazed, painted, perfect heads tucked beneath their arms, towards a smaller scale set where your pores can be seen and once a day you can say something honest. 

Very Famous Magazine — 300 words on mania Imagine a stomach full of dreams. Imagine Jesus fiddling with his wound. Imagine the first sight of blood. Imagine peering into the snow globe of heaven. Imagine cracking the glass. That wondrous crash. That slow dribble of light.

Very Famous Magazine — on Trisha PaytasAmphetamine princess. Giving sermons from the kitchen floors. Dreaming of white, white rooms brimming with the possibility of being filled. Selling gold to buy gold. Goddess of the Binge and Purge. Trisha is filthy lovely.  Goddess of cheap virtue. Goddess of All-You-Can-See.

The Pyrrhic — KimYe, a reflection KimYe was the epitome of the modern celebrity relationship. And since the announcement of the couple's divorce, the loss is deeply felt.

The Pyrrhic  The Great, fact and fiction The Great is an Australian-American television series (available for streaming via Hulu) of a surly, comical nature, centered around the rise of Catherine the Great, who served as the Empress of All Russia from 1762 to 1796. 

I love the smell of fresh, pure manure. That sickly sweet burning. That earthen perfume. It wakes me right up. 

The Pyrrhic — In Praise of Super Bowl Sunday
Football is a mathematical equation to which I do not have the answer. Football is a beautiful sport. It's a mosh of players running almost catching flight at times across the evergreen field like sperm cells seeking the egg that will give them breath. It's the ring of nonstop applause coming forth from the audience. It's the Close-ups of super fans—faces painted in team colors, streaked in harsh blues and lines, the paint gone gummy and dribbling from the sunlight and sweat.

Off Assignment — 7am in IdahoEach morning, God approaches her doorstep, more tangible and present than at any other point of the awaiting day. He comes bearing gifts. He hangs low.

Brooklyn Poets Interview — Poet of The WeekQ: What’s a good day for you?

I work at a preschool at the moment so a good day is when I can go to work, feed and change and play with the kids, and come home with ideas left over. A good day for me is one where my vision is intact, where the trees aren’t trees but great, reaching, charred fingertips tapping against the glass of the skies. A good day is one out of the doghouse.

Chariot Press Nonfiction Contest, first place  Wearing Flames To The Grocery StoreMania is a dog in a dog costume. An obsessive optimism. You’re beautiful and everybody can see that because they are also beautiful. You can’t stop laughing at nothing. You are chosen and it doesn’t matter what you’ve had taken from you because look at all you can do. Like singing with a bloody nose or waltzing with shadows. Each time I have a manic episode, I return to myself with the edges blurred a little more than before. I am not the person I was originally meant to be. Before the illness struck at sixteen, I was so shy I’d cry at the thought of having to talk on the phone. I used to think I owed my life an apology.

Spring Journal Feature  NowherelandNowhereland is an ongoing venture into photography from the perspective of a writer merging the two practices together. Most of these photographs were taken on a disposable point and shoot purchased from CVS.